Before juicing you must prepare all your ingredients, which means only one thing – a lot of chopping. Recipes usually state how certain fruit or veg needs to be chopped, so use that as a guideline. I’m here to show you some safe knife skills for kids, so you can have all the juicing freedom whilst keeping all your fingers!

Top four rules for chopping:

  1. Always look at what you’re cutting and where your fingers are. Don’t look away or lose concentration as this may lead to disasters.
  2. Always use a chopping board to avoid damaging the kitchen worksurface.
  3. Make sure you have enough room on your chopping board to cut everything. If using a smaller board, you may want to put your chopped fruit/ veg in a bowl whilst prepping the other ingredients.
  4. Always use a sharp knife; if your knife is blunt, you will have to apply more pressure, which means that if you do cut yourself, it will hack at your skin rather than cleanly slicing through it. Sharper knifes are also easier to cut with.

Two Basic Chopping methods:

  1. The bridge method. Exactly as it sounds, make a bridge with your fingers, holding the sides of the fruit/ veg with your thumb on one side and fingers on the other. Place the knife through the ‘bridge’ and apply gentle pressure, letting the knife do the work.
  2. The claw method. This method is used for holding veg whilst cutting, instead of extending your fingers to hold whatever you are chopping, you tuck them into your palms. This allows you to safely hold and chop you fruits and vegetables without slicing your fingers off.

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