This back to school juice is super-rich in vitamin C, bioflavonoids and potassium to immune-boost and prepare for the bugs and bacteria lurking in school corridors. The beneficial bacteria in the yogurt will ensure good digestion and help the immune system in the battle against bugs. Blitz the berries, banana, yoghurt and honey in a food processor before mixing in with the juiced tangerines and pineapples. Make sure to drink three glasses of this juice in the week before school begins and it will help you keep illness-free all term!

Makes about 1 litre (depending on the size of your fruit and veg) – tastes frothy, creamy and delicious, not unlike a milkshake!

Ingredients: Tangerines – 3, peeled (or clementines or satsumas) /  Pineapple – 1/2, sliced, without skin / Blackcurrants – 4 oz (fresh or frozen) / Banana – 1, peeled / Yoghurt – 1 carton, live / Runny honey – 1 dessertspoon


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