This juice effectively works as an internal cleanser. Its fruity make-up is super-rich in vitamins C and A, it also contains a useful amount of potassium, calcium, soluble fibres and antioxidant bioflavonoids. Because it’s rich in natural sugars, it will keep your energy levels up, particularly good if you’re cleansing your digestive system and reducing food consumption. Drink as part of a detox regime to help remove some of the unwanted bacteria from the digestive tract and encourage the growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria.

Makes about 1/2 litre (depending on the size of your fruit and veg) – tastes strongly citrus and tart.

Ingredients: Oranges – 2, peeled, but leaving pith / Lemon – 1, with peel if thin-skinned, if not, peeled, but leaving pith / Lime – 1; unless key lime, peeled  / Pink grapefruit – 1, peeled, with pith / Apples – 3, unpeeled, uncored and quartered / White grapes – 4 oz


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