My Mum got into juicing years ago when she needed to detox her body after being diagnosed with gallstones. I was inspired to begin my amazing juicing journey by the book, ‘Super Juice’ by Mitchell Beasley – definitely would recommend for a juicing novice. Once you’ve got the basics, you can try concocting your own juices; they are packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and fibre to help fight off bugs, boost energy levels and heal. The health benefits of juices are staggering so why not give them a try? Here are the basic rules I’ve picked up along the way, I hope they will help you out in the crazy world of juicing – but remember that not all juicing recipes follow these rules. There’s more squeeze-tastic goodness where this came from, check out my top tips on purchasing juicers, safe knife skills for kids and my favourite five recipes, all on the blog!

  1. Carrots and Apples = Base. First lesson, you typically start a juice with apples and carrots, they are your base to which you add all your other ingredients.
  2. Fruit or Veg – Pick a Side. My second handy pointer is, after your apples and carrots, all other ingredients should be either fruits or vegetables – you can mix them but this can cause wind problems, beware!
  3. Squeaky clean. The third lesson is to always wash fruits and vegetables before juicing as most of them go in skin-on.
  4. Take a Trip to Flavour-town! Our next lesson is all about flavour, add 1 lime – peeled – and a ‘thumb’ sized amount of ginger – unpeeled – to your juices to boost their flavour.
  5. Leafy business. Fifth lesson, when adding leaves to your juices, to save you being in a spot of bother, juice with something hard – like carrot – as this helps to push the leaves through.
  6. Scrape, Bin, Restart. Whilst juicing, your juicer can get clogged up with pulp from your fruit and veg. If you’re having trouble pushing new veg through, you may want to scrape down your juicer, bin the pulp and restart. In addition, the pulp works wonders on the compost heap!

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