Not many people admit it, but I really like running! A lot of people loathe running because they simply haven’t done enough of it. Like with most sports (cycling, swimming etc.) you have to pass a certain time or distance in order to begin enjoying and really getting into it. I used to dislike cycling purely because I found it really hard work, then I realised that I had to clear a ‘five-mile barrier’ until it started getting easier and more enjoyable. Surprise, surprise: it’s the same with running. To help break it down, I’ve written six paramount running tips that every runner (or pre-runner) should know. There are more, but I’ll save them for another post. I hope you find them helpful and feel free to stick around as your comments, likes and follows are much appreciated.

1. Get the right shoes

This is number one on my list for many reasons. Unlike other sports which involve expensive equipment (cycling), running is a sport where all your really need to spend much on is a great pair of trainers. What surface you’ll be running on depicts what qualities your ideal trainers need. For instance, if you’re running on rocky trail paths, you’ll want a sturdy, supportive trainer with good grip. They should also be a good fit, so that you feel comfortable whilst running. It’s best to go to a specialist running shop in order to get the best quality.

2. Think in minutes, not miles

As a running newbie, don’t set your mind into thinking about how many miles you’ve conquered as, in your first few runs, there won’t be that many. Instead, train your brain to think in minutes, congratulate yourself on a 50 minute run, rather than however few miles you completed.

3. Walk a bit, run a bit

It can be quite a challenge to run for an hour or so non-stop, unless you’re travelling at a very slow pace. A handy technique to conquer this is the walk/ run technique. As you get fitter, you can increase the running periods and decrease the walking periods, or even speed them up to a gentle jog. This eases you into running, and helps you to run for longer and travel further.

4. Jam out!

Sometimes running can get a bit boring and you need some motivating. The obvious fix for this is to listen to music. The best tracks are upbeat, motivating and have a good beat to them, so you can get into your stride and have fun!

5. Get a good running app

There are so many apps out there which can help to motivate, plan and summarise your runs. The one I use is called Runkeeper and, like other similar apps, it gives you a map of your routes, unique training plans, is able to calculate how many calories you’ve burnt, your average pace per mile, gives motivation etc.

6. Go through the stages

Before running, it’s always good to warm up and cool down, as this helps to prevent injury and muscle soreness. To warm up, I like to start with 5 minutes or so of gentle jogging to get the blood pumping around my body, then I stretch out my legs for another few minutes before starting my route. To cool down, I first gently jog, slowing it down to walking as this lowers my heart rate and helps me to catch my breath, before stretching a little deeper and shaking it off.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kirsten P. says:

    I start my day off with a run, and I would never change a thing!


    1. LydsBerryPie says:

      I totally agree, I currently wake up at 6am every morning to workout with my ‘7 minute workout app’. Being active for me starts the day well, and I feel great all day!


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