So, new year, new start, new you. Most of us set fitness-related resolutions and on the 1st of Jan you might be pumped to sweat it out, but towards the end of the month you’re struggling to stay committed. I’ve thought of a few fitness motivation tips that might help you out. If you enjoy this post, why not follow the blog and support me on Instagram @lydsberrypie.

1. Date it

Grab a calendar and fill in all the days that you want to work out, it you’re that organised write down what exercise you’re going to do. Generally, you want one work day and one rest day, this means that your muscles can recover and strengthen between exercises, it also decreases your chance of getting injured. For example, Monday could be going for a run, Tuesday could be a hike, Wednesday could be completely resting, Thursday could be swimming, Friday rest, Saturday circuit training and Sunday could be stretching – as staying supple also decreases your chance of an injury. Use different colours to organise and maybe even draw pictures to make your calendar ‘visually motivating’.

2. Prep it

The night before a workout, lay out all your gym clothes/gear near your bed, this way you’ll see them when you get up and be reminded to go workout. It is also more convenient, particularly if you’re exercising early in the morning when you may be quite tired.

3. Track it

Consider downloading an app on your phone, or purchasing a sports watch (although they can be a little pricey, so do your research) which can help you track your fitness. These generally record heart beat, average speed, number of steps, distance covered, calories burnt, elevation climb, GPS maps of routes and so on. They are very diverse, as they cover all sports. For example, my family is into cycling so they use cycling specific gadgets (Garmin with the Strava app), whilst I’m into running so I use the Runkeeper app on my phone, which I attach to my arm with a sports strap. Seeing your improved performance can really help you to stay on track and keep you motivated. Recording your food intake alongside your exercise has also proved to be a really effective tool (my Mum swears by MyFitnessPal which is easy to use and very informative).

4. Sort your soundtrack

Working out is always a lot more enjoyable when you exercise to an awesome playlist. I go on spotify and play one of their workout playlists, they have awesome music for all types of workout: cardio, dance, running, aerobics, zumba etc. Get some comfy ear/headphones and an upbeat playlist and you’ll be excited to go sweat it out!

5. Set goals

Be adventurous and set goals across all areas of sport. For instance, your running goal could be to get an average mins/mile under 7, and a swimming goal of x time per length. Giving yourself a wider variety of goals to achieve means that you don’t get stressed about working to one specific goal, plus, you become a better all-rounder. Despite this, try to avoid making your goals too unrealistic, as you might be setting yourself up for failure. Know your limits and be honest with yourself.


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