“Do you actually eat healthy food on a daily basis?”

One of my most asked questions is about how I eat healthy on a day-to-day basis, juggling school work and general teenage life. I thought it would be interesting to do a ‘what I eat in a day’ style post to show what I eat throughout a typical school day. Of course I’m not super strict about eating healthy food 100% of the time – I mean, some days, I feel like stuffing my face with chocolate cake and cheese pizza – but, hey, life’s about balance! That said, the healthier the food I consume, the happier I feel – which is ultimately why I’m so keen to eat well.


7am – Hot lemon water

If you’ve seen my Instagram page, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of my lemon water. I think it’s similar to some people and their need for an early morning coffee – I can’t function properly until I’ve had it! This is usually my post-workout hydration boost. It kick-starts the metabolism, is a really effective detoxifier and also super refreshing. To make it, I boil some water then leave it to cool in a mug. Too hot, and it’ll kill the benefits of the lemon, too cold and it won’t be as effective. Once it’s cooled slightly I add the juice of half a lemon and – if I’m feeling up to it – a pinch of turmeric and a trickle of oil to help the spice absorb.


7:30am – Overnight oats

For breakfast I love overnight oats because they’re just so easy. I start the night before by mixing oats, linseed, chia seeds, cinnamon and almond milk, leaving it in the fridge until the morning (it’s become an easy ‘planning ahead’ habit). All that’s left to do is warm it up in a pan with one sliced banana – which melts in and is so delicious! I top with a splash of almond milk, drizzle of honey, hazelnut butter and – depending on the season – berries. The soaking makes it really easy for the body to digest, the oats are high in fibre and lower cholesterol and release their energy slowly, plus, it’s very filling.


11:30am – Trail mix

For my mid-morning snack I opt for a homemade trail mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Nuts and seeds are great brain foods, ooze with healthy fats and omegas, and the natural sugars in the fruits give me a boost to keep me going until lunch. I like to make it myself as it’s like a ‘Pick n’ mix’ and there are 101 different combinations! Buying all the ingredients separately in bulk is by far the cheapest way of eating trail mix.



1pm – Sandwich / pasta and crudités

I know it may sound boring, but I have to admit that on most occasions I eat a sandwich for my lunch. The bread is always whole grain to boost the fibre content, and I like it filled with either chicken or tuna, both of which are affordable and low in fat. It’s also crammed full of veggies, including: spinach, cucumber, tomatoes and red onion. Fresh fruit, a breakfast muffin (or another homemade healthy traybake that’s currently available) and crudités fill up the rest of my lunchbox (carrot sticks, celery, peppers and sugar-snap peas). If there’s leftover pasta in the fridge, I often have that – wholegrain pasta whenever possible in homemade veggie-packed pasta sauce and tuna.


4pm – Fruit parfait

My after-school snack is often a chopped fruit, granola and yogurt parfait. My favourite fruits are kiwi, apples, oranges, melons and – in the summertime – berries. I sprinkle the fruit with homemade granola and dollops of Greek or bio-live probiotic yogurt. This is unbelievably tasty and hits the spot every time!


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