I think any exercise, running in particular, is made so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to spend all your time faffing around with your gear. I’ve tried so-called ‘running headphones’ before, although most of them aren’t much better than typical headphones; clunky and uncomfortable. In the search for the perfect pair, I researched the wireless type and found the Bose SoundSport Headphones. As with all of my reviews, I’ve tested them thoroughly in order to type up an honest review – no freebies were issued during the process of this review!


Bose designed these headphones with a sort of hook that slots neatly into the little ‘divit’ above the ear drum – where the main speaker slots in (I think this is called the ‘concha’, however I’m not an ear expert!) They come with three sizes of rubbery inserts (they call them ‘StayHear®+ Sport tips’), and I was pleased to find a size that fits my tiny ears! Once inserted securely – this took me a few attempts at first, but I have now got the hang of it – they don’t budge. From tuck jumps to cartwheels, even whilst stretching upside down, I have full trust that these will not fall out.



The SoundSports conveniently arrived with a USB charging cable, although I find I rarely need to charge them as their battery life is exceptional. They have a ‘rechargeable lithium-ion battery’ (not that that means anything to me) which has an astonishing battery life of 6 hours and an apparent charging time of 2 hours. Thumbs up for battery life from me.



These headphones operate via Bluetooth® and NFC pairing – which can be controlled through the ‘Bose Connect’ app. All I have to do is – quite simply – turn on the headphones, press play on Apple music on my phone, and go. Sound can be adjusted using the control panel just below the right headphone – pressing the central button once plays and pauses, pressing twice allows you to skip songs. For the majority of the time, the sound quality is rather impressive. Occasionally I experience a slight glitch, however overall the quality is brilliant.



In winter, there’s rain. In summer, there’s sweat. Good thing Bose designed these as water-resistant and sweat-proof. So far, they’ve survived a few very sweaty gym sessions and drizzly runs no problem. A brief wipe down with some wet wipes and they’re all sorted. But – and this is rather a big but – why didn’t Bose think to make them waterproof?! I’m sure all swimmers out there (in addition to predominantly outdoor-training athletes) would be very appreciative if a future upgrade to these headphones made them waterproof. Yes water-resistant, but not waterproof. Big difference.



Alike many other 21st century fitness gadgets, I have the same point to make with these headphones: the design is just too bulky. It’s like, woah there’s a pair of wireless headphones, oh and there’s a runner too. I have them in black, but there is also the option of ‘citron’ or ‘aqua’ – not a wide colour range but I think a unique selection. Whilst the price includes a slick, quality case and charging cable, I do think it is a little expensive. Although – as with everything – you’re paying for quality, and these certainly are.

As a summary, I think these headphones are seriously good quality, practical headphones ideal for athletes who need gear they can trust. If the price and size were scaled down a little, as well as them being waterproof over water-resistant, I’d be even happier with the already brilliant pair of headphones I own. Thank you Bose!



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