If you have been following LYDSBERRYPIE for a while, you’ll know that I have been using Fit Kit’s post-exercise shower gels as part of my recovery routine for a while. You can read all about the most invigorating shower experience you’ll ever have here.


Fit Kit continues to work as an independent company since being founded in November 2016. Three words to sum up their products? Ingenious, unique and blissfully well-executed. From the packaging to the product itself, Fit Kit emanate quality.

So of course I was delighted when Fit Kit’s latest addition to their range arrived in the post. A cool-down moisturiser as well as shower gel? I’m in!


Picture this scenario: post-run, drenched in sweat, scarlet-faced, exhausted. What do most of us do in that situation? If you’re me, a brisk splash of cold water and that’s it. Short-lived refreshment. Now, enter Fit Kit. A quick dollop of their NEW moisturiser (AKA the most refreshing thing ever to grace your skin) and HELLO COOL. The tiniest drop dampens even the most fiery infernos of post-exercise heat. Who even mentioned tomato face?

How about the nitty-gritty?

Fit Kit Cool Down Moisturiser contains Wild Gooseberry to control skin temperature and reduce post-exercise facial redness.

As with all Fit Kit shower gels the moisturiser is:

  • Authentically Natural
  • Certified by ‘Soil Association’
  • Cruelty free/ Vegan certified by PETA
  • Made in the UK

Fit Kit have been increasing in popularity (not just in my household) and are NOW in 1000+ stores. These include:

  • Waitrose
  • Holland & Barrett
  • As Nature Intended
  • Wholefoods
  • Ethical Superstore
  • Ocado

Join the Fit Kit community:

  • Facebook // @fitkitbodycare
  • Twitter // @fitkitbodycare
  • Instagram // @fitkitbodycare



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