I guess I should launch into this in the polite way, with a good old-fashioned greeting;

“Hello and welcome to my [health and fitness] blog!”

My passion for words has always been prominent, from petty notebooks saturated with seemingly meaningless scribbles, to the time it takes me to compose meagre stories about snippets from my otherwise average life in each Instagram caption.

This blog is a setting for me to channel that affection, and I sincerely hope you can learn a little more about ‘what makes me tick’ through reading my posts.

So, what’s it all about? “A joy for looking after the mind-boggling gift from God that is the human body, in order for it to flourish and thrive, and in turn be your happiest self, enjoying every opportunity life throws at you.” I think sums it up pretty neatly.

How about my roots? My family memories – so far – are tinged with the glorious smells coming from our kitchen. Our fruit bowl and fridge are always brimming with fresh produce and our table scattered with wholesome, hearty meals. I am forever grateful to them for teaching me the skills to cook everything from scratch, and the appreciation of good food.

I have my siblings to thank for my fondness of sport and fitness; they definitely bring out the competitive side in me. Despite cycling always being top of the list for my family’s favourite sport, I consider myself as more of a runner naturally. I also enjoy taking part in various sporting matches throughout the year, tennis, netball and hockey being current favourites. Although, recently, I’ve been fascinated by the current ‘Triathlon boom’, having the potential to overtake as the family’s new sports obession?! Getting outside and breathing, in my opinion, is the best way to spend a relaxing weekend.

My blog was founded in the summer of 2015, however before the launch, I had one problem, other than which fonts to choose; ‘My Teenage Healthy Living Blog’ in my eyes didn’t seem the most creative or attention-seizing title, which is when LYDSBERRYPIE was born!

Hence, my Mum’s DSRL camera clutched in my hands, this amazing journey that so far has seen me develop a thorough excitement from hearing people exclaim, “I love your blog!” and “You must make me some of your Instagram food one day!”, began.

Where are we going next? I’m aiming above and beyond, Bullseye!

{If you want to read even more ‘behind the post’ info, I’d recommend LYDSBERRYPIE’s 1st birthday post “The Power Of Social Media” – enjoy!}


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lola says:

    Hey !!! I think you came in once with a green smoothie thing ~ do you remember? Do you think you can post the recipe here??? I love your blog!!! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LydsBerryPie says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment! The juice consisted of lots of greens mostly, including: spinach, cucumber, apple, ginger and lime, all blended up with avocado. Probably very similar to the ‘screen saver’ juice on the blog. Enjoy!


  2. Timea says:

    Great blog and love the new name! Especially enjoyed reading your December article about the stress busting effects of running!

    Timea x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LydsBerryPie says:

      Thank you Timea, the name is an old nickname of mine! Ah…”Smart Strides Ahead” was one of my favourites to write and research for. Glad you enjoyed it! x


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